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Humans of TCH -when your passion becomes your purpose

I don't remember exactly when my profession became my passion but during this transformation my work place and family played a very important role.

Being a teacher is itself rewarding as you gain knowledge, appreciation and instant response on daily basis. Yes,you probably face few tricky queries while working with students and for that reason, we should be prepared and achieve high proficiency in our subject matter.

Every teacher is talented, intelligent and possesses power of leadership but it depends on the workplace how it utilizes an individuals potential by extending encouragement for trying out and accepts suggestions wholeheartedly. Finding results through our own experiences are far more worthy than any compiled theory.

This practical knowledge, experimentation and results made me a better educator than before. I am very much fortunate to be connected with such an organisation like TCH, where I can utilize my creativity and experiment with the things to become a self motivated human being. TCH has always provided wide opportunities to teachers and one amongst is 'TPO' i.e Teaching Professionals' Olympiad. It is an International Competition for Teachers' and gives rewards and recognition. ​​

In the beginning, I did not take it seriously as I felt I would have to study extra, other than my regular work and job as a teacher but again a mentor is a mentor, she made it sure that she kept pushing us and motivating us to appear for the test by connecting such exams with different experiences she herself has had in her life and this reinforcement taught me how to go about it. How to get ready for exam and then instead of just sitting and reading for the examination I could understand that I should just focus on the practical work in my daily chores. CENTA provided few Sample papers which I referred whenever I used to get time. The day I attended the exam, I noticed that the questions were not from any specific book, they were based on daily observations, teaching-learning process, school management, syllabus, subject knowledge, etc. and I am more than happy to share that I did not require any special study because of one reason that our Mentor has somehow made us all a leader in ourselves by giving different responsiblities timely other than our own subject and that surely made a difference. Meanwhile I was also studying NIOS Bridge Course, so that stuff too helped me a lot to qualify my CTET as well.

In the recent past I did achieve Rank 2 in AURANGABAD city for middle school science in CENTA TPO and also I am happy to say that recently I have also been awarded with a digital badge by CENTA for my achievement in CENTA 2018 on the occasion of teachers day. I thank team CENTA TPO for this and Respected Kekre Mam too for her constant support and guidance.

Since beginning I have been very curious and interested in giving competitive examinations and appearing for such exams has always kept me motivated. And I am future ready to give such examinations. ​​

I did grab this teachers day as an opportunity to express my gratitude towards the contribution of our school TENDER CARE HOME which has always encouraged its team by awarding the team through different ways and methods and to move forward in their lives and prove themselves. The positive environment at working place along with nurturing team and of course a mentor par excellence, Mrs. Shailaja Kekre Ma'am who always provides us guidance, encourages to explore various fields is something that not each one can be blessed with.

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