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The Thirsty Girl

Sometimes in life some incidences become unknowingly important. Here is a short poem which highlights the urge of a small poor girl to studying.

I saw her sitting all by herself Cautiously staring at my bookshelf;

Her eyes showed the thirst she had’ For the Encyclopedias and the world of facts.

I tried to ignore actions up to an extent But I do not know why my heart was adamant;

For a few minutes, I was in a state of confusion May be that she wanted to improve her countries future.

Her passionate eyes and craving actions Made me think very deeply about those fractions;

Were we taking Gods privileges very casually? But later understood her education was not supported financially

As and when I reached the conclusion I felt as if I know a bit of its solution;

To the closest shop, I went to buy The books, which would help her fly high.

Understanding it better

  1. For knowledge

  2. Refuse to change mind

  3. By getting educated

  4. Books

  5. River of knowledge was encouraged

When I gave her the printed form of my thoughts, Her river was filled back with water which initially had droughts. That day I felt I did something valuable, and determined to continue it in the future.

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