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SAC, Student Activity Club is a unique feature of TCH. One hour every day is spent on different recreational and vocational activities. TCH believed that equal importance, if not more, should be given to the co-scholastic activities to develop all the life skills required to face the daily challenges of the world. Children are exposed to various activities through clubs like cooking, theatre, music, dance, calligraphy, indoor and outdoor games such as football, skating boxing carom, tennikoit chess etc.

Children are exposed to different clubs on a rotation basis, so that they can realise their liking and explore their potential further individually. Some have even chosen to make one of this their career path. We have resident faculties for all the clubs and invite specialists to conduct sessions periodically.



School is divided in five houses






Children from all the classes - I to X are classified in these five groups.

The houses are named after five elements of the universe. Tender Carians involve in different Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities and they have very healthy Inter-House competitions.


Every house has a House Captain, House Vice Captain, House Members and teacher representatives.


Junior Group

1. Chess

2. Music

3. Skating

4. Yoga and Shloka

5. Drawing

6. Gymnastics

7. Craft

8. Dance

9. Khokho

10. Kabaddi

11. Tennikoit

12. Carrom



Senior Group 

1. Music

2. Karate

3. Tennis

4. Basketball

5. Cricket

6. Football

7. Badminton

8. Aerobics

9. Table Tennis

10. Debates / Quiz

11. Chess

12. Athletics

13. Craft

14. Dance

15. Drawing

16. Cooking

17. Khokho

Music & Performing Arts


In many studies, researchers are now linking involvement in the performing arts to better child development and higher student achievement.

It a platform for self-expression, improving the child's confidence & self-presentation skills. Performing arts also help promote interpersonal skills.  The involvement in performing arts extends to emotional creativity and can open children to new ways of seeing the world.  For example, in musical theatre, children may have to learn to work behind the scenes as well as on stage. By having to carry out a variety of tasks and roles, they are able to look at the world from different vantage points. 

Whether it’s acting in a play or performing in a dance, encouraging your child in performing arts is a great way to create a well rounded personality. 



It has been proven without doubt that art helps in emotional development of the child and improves their fine motor skills, decision making skills and visual learning.  Drawing, sculpting with clay and threading beads on a string, all develop visual-spatial skills, which are more important than ever. When kids are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation that will be important in their adult lives.

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When students are physically fit, they can achieve more academically. Sport develops a sense of friendliness and team spirit among the children. It makes children mentally and physically tough. At TCH children are taught some games to inculcate life skills. In group settings, there’s less of a focus on winning or losing, and more about working together as a team towards a shared performance goal, as well as the child's individual journey of development. 

The growing popularity of computer, video games and television makes the children very inactive in their lifestyles and physical sports have become even more relevant today. 

Last but not least, sport also eliminates mental exhaustion of children. Education is incomplete without sports. Sports are an integral part of the education at TCH.

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