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Principal's Welcome,

A very warm welcome to the TENDER CARE fraternity;


TENDER CARE HOME is a world within this world; an ecosphere filled with vibrancy, colours, dreams and hope. Where academic knowledge is a means to goal and not a goal itself; where games, sports and a myriad of body and mind stimulating activities are structured to sculpt a citizen… a role model for the present generation. In other words; this school is endeavouring to churn out a new human species, filled with wisdom, compassion and vision.

​Tender Care Home has evolved with the times; a pre-requisite for progress. With a bright and lively Campus, airy classrooms and ergonomic facilities, the school endeavours to provide a conducive environment for growth of the child and stress free learning. Each nook of the school has been designed and crafted with meaning; the aim being to inculcate ingenuity, creativity and a habit to think unconventionally and differently.

​While we all understand that parenting cannot be outsourced; the teacher – pupil relationship and learning philosophy at TENDER CARE HOME endeavours to best utilise the time that he or she invests in the environs of the school premises. With the turn of every academic year; we resolve to further hone our skills at imparting meaningful education. With renewed vigour and enthusiasm we embark on the journey yet again in a new academic year.

God Speed

Ms. Eera Sharma


Chairman's Note

Dear Friends,

TCH is a fruit of 25 years of intense research, hard work and fructification of ideas that had been devised to change the mundane concept of the prevalent education system.

Mentor & Director

Welcome to the family of the Tender Carians. You are aware of the fact that to make education meaningful and enjoyable the welnet triangle of the parent teacher, and child is very important and you will be very happy to know that ...

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