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Our mission is to create citizens who are intellectually and emotionally sound and physically strong in their outlook so that they can face the challenges that lie ahead and open new vistas in future goals.


To have better and stronger India on the world map with strong willed people with clear goals and objectives in their minds.


To reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application for skilled and meaningful learning.


To inculcate dignity of labour by bringing in a high degree of value of each activity in learning.


We at TCH believe that children develop at different pace within a given spectrum. A holistic view is paramount which includes the academic, emotional and social growth of the child. Our philosophy is to be committed to providing a ‘nurturing ecosystem’ in which students, teachers, and parents symbiotically co exist, respect and support each other. We do recognise that teachers and parents are only facilitators in the process of nurturing students to be “self-determined” learners. 


The Hallmark of Our School

Where a student’s best friends are ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘which’, ‘when’ and ‘why’;  Where ‘I cant’, ‘It is difficult, impossible, boring and tiring’ do not exist.  Where ‘I can’, ‘Of-course’, ‘we will’,’ ‘why not’, and ‘definitely’ define Tender Carians.  Where compassion and forgiveness are present and inquisitive minds are developed. Where the well being of our entire community is embedded deep within.  It is said that your words follow your thoughts and your actions follow your words. 


This manifests into reality at  Tender Care Home. Tender Carinas come out to be happy pupils with sound moral values, hardworking, self-disciplined, considerate, responsible and social. We firmly believe all Tender Carians are :-

  • Confident and competent.

  • Steep of the learning curve and possess poise and depth.

  • Independent and self disciplined.

  • Spirited and Happy within.

  • Caring and respectful for themselves, for others and for the world around.  

  • Persistent in completing learning tasks  and always exercising initiative.

  • Sensitive, curious, creative and a have a spirit of discovery in their approach to life and learning. 


to make studies relevant to the contemporary world with the motto


Tender Care Home was not a ‘Eureka’ moment. It was a carefully thought through, well strategized and planned venture, catalyzed by passion, vision and a drive for change. The School is a brainchild of Mrs Shailaja Kekre, Wife of Wing Commander Ulhas D Kekre, an Indian Air Force Officer.


Mrs Shailaja Kekre has been an educationist for the last 35 years. A graduate in Anthropology from Miranda House, Delhi University and a postgraduate in Sociology from the reputed ‘D’ School (Delhi School of Economics), she started her professional career at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi.


Mrs. Shailaja Kekre eventually gave structure to her thoughts, when she started the School on 16 July 1996. The idea initially manifested as a small playgroup in their own house. Wing Commander Ulhas Kekre, an electrical engineer from a Regional Engineering College and a veteran of 25 years in the Indian Air Force, joined her two years later. 

The Couple had always dreamt of a school, which could impart meaningful and focused education to the young generation. By virtue of being from the armed forces and having seen a number of schools all over the country, their collective experience coupled with a clear vision, they set about in their quest to realize their dream – ‘A School with a Difference’. And thus began this eventful journey of Tender Care Home. 

The School began with a handful of children, to be precise four. But, that was not to be for long. It was a matter of time before the word spread.  Parents from all spheres came along and the Institution grew. The success story of the initial batches is testimony to the standards the school had right from the beginning.  


The next year the premises shifted to a larger four-room house. Thus began the journey of these two educationists, who had set out to on a mission to revolutionise the present education system.

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