Nested in the historical city of Aurangabad, Tender Care Home School is located approximately 5 km from the International Airport of the City away from the hustle-bustle in the emerging metropolitan. With banyan trees and mango orchards surrounding the premises, the School is an ideal sanctum for education.
Started by a couple in 1996 when the modern education system was still nascent and growing, the School was established on firm ideals and concepts which gained relevance in years to come; Tender Care was ahead of its times then and continues to be so to this day.
Spread over an area of 3 acres, the school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school has recognition for classes from Playgroup to XII; although, presently it is operational up to Standard 10th.
Facilities in the School include large and airy classrooms conducive to learning, a fully operational Mess for dining up to 500 students at a time, a state of art sports complex, laboratories, an amphitheatre and a mini auditorium.  
Tender Care Home School has maintained a track record of illustrious students who have excelled in all fields of education and extracurricular activities to include games, sports and various other disciplines. With an equally competent and experienced faculty, the student-teacher relationship and atmosphere in the School are paramount on the priority of Tender Care Home.
Tender Care Home School has also made forays into capacity development in the education system. The session starts with orientation programmes for existing faculty and a tailormade Orientation Capsule & supervised  ‘On the Job Training’ for newly inducted teachers and staff to ensure uniformity in imparting education and in synchronization with the ethos and values of the Institution. The School also organises a career counselling capsule by a professional in the field for students of Class 10th prior to choice of stream. VEDH is another novel venture undertaken by the School in conjunction with IPH, a reputed career counselling Institute in Mumbai) where luminaries in various fields are invited for a panel discussion to provide students and parents with an insight into the various opportunities available for the students.
In a nutshell, Tender Care Home strives to be a home for students to mould themselves in responsible citizens with a sound educational, cultural and social fibre.


We at TCH believe that children develop at different pace within a given spectrum. A holistic view is paramount which includes the academic, emotional and social growth of the child. Our philosophy is to be committed to providing a ‘nurturing ecosystem’ in which students, teachers, and parents symbiotically co exist, respect and support each other. We do recognise that teachers and parents are only facilitators in the process of nurturing students to be “self-determined” learners. 


The Hallmark of Our School

Where a student’s best friends are ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘which’, ‘when’ and ‘why’;  Where ‘I cant’, ‘It is difficult, impossible, boring and tiring’ do not exist.  Where ‘I can’, ‘Of-course’, ‘we will’,’ ‘why not’, and ‘definitely’ define Tender Carians.  Where compassion and forgiveness are present and inquisitive minds are developed. Where the well being of our entire community is embedded deep within.  It is said that your words follow your thoughts and your actions follow your words. 


This manifests into reality at  Tender Care Home. Tender Carinas come out to be happy pupils with sound moral values, hardworking, self-disciplined, considerate, responsible and social. We firmly believe all Tender Carians are :-

  • Confident and competent.

  • Steep of the learning curve and possess poise and depth.

  • Independent and self disciplined.

  • Spirited and Happy within.

  • Caring and respectful for themselves, for others and for the world around.  

  • Persistent in completing learning tasks  and always exercising initiative.

  • Sensitive, curious, creative and a have a spirit of discovery in their approach to life and learning. 


Stronger citizen

Our mission is to create citizens who are intellectually and emotionally sound and physically strong in their outlook so that they can face the challenges that lie ahead and open new vistas in future goals.

Future India

To have better and stronger India on the world map with strong willed people with clear goals and objectives in their minds.

Holistic approach

To reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application for skilled and meaningful learning.

Dignity of labour

To inculcate dignity of labour by bringing in a high degree of value of each activity in learning.


MEANINGFUL AND ENJOYABLE EDUCATION to make studies relevant to the contemporary world with the motto “HAVE FUN WHILE YOU LEARN”

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