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To empower the young generation to be compassionate and sensitive to our cultural heritage, academically excellent, holistic citizen with a scientific temper. TCH organizes summer camps and outstation trips for students who are interested and are wiling to pay the required charges.

HAVE FUN WHILE YOU LEARN’ is the philosophy of TCH. It believes that nature is the best teacher and plans 2 events in a year, summer camps and outstation trips – ‘Aao Bachhon Tumhen Dikhaayein Jhaaki Hindustan Ki’.

In outstation trips, it covers places of cultural and historic importance. So far in the lat few years TCH has coved practically half of Indian States, This activity needs intensive planning, excellent supervision, parent awareness and their co-operation. TCH achieves it to its utmost perfection. Children are expected to express their experience in whichever form they like – poetic, illustrative, written or just verbal expression.


TCH intends to include Nature Walks, Field Trips, Jungle Survival training, Mountaineering, Boating, Cross-country races and many more. The school has already organized various educational tours and summer camps. Varied interests and places are covered in these tours. We attempt to cover all four corners of the country and introduce to the young generation the facets of varied culture, traditions, geography and climate of the country. These trips broadened the knowledge base of the students and widened their outlook. The spirit of adventure is also being cultivated into the children through various activities during these camps. Trekking, Adventure and camping have been carefully amalgamated into these trips to instil the required spirit of adventure, camaraderie and physical fitness.

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