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We are proud of our parents and the values they inculcate in the children.
We believe in being the role model. These stories are of all the parents who have taught us to be kind & grateful, and those who give back to the community.  

Grain Bank

Posted November 14, 2017


Students of TCH

All Classes

Tender Carians are passionate about their "joy of giving" venture. Children from the underprivileged sections of the society and orphanages are invited to join and have fun with tender carians at the school fair. Another noble venture taken up on Children's Day  was the " Grain Bank". Students, teachers and staff donate grains and the collection is then offered to nearby Orphanage

A Day In Orphanage

Posted January 12, 2018


Abhilasha Rajput – VII B &
Aakash Rajput – VII A


We were extremely happy to visit an orphanage in Chetana Nagar, on the occasion of our sisters first birthday. It was Abhilasha’s idea to celebrate the birthday in the Sakar orphanage. Along with our family members we reached there around 10 AM. Children were really looking happy to see someone from outside coming specially to meet them. They all together wished our sister. Everyone working there were paying special attention to our presence. We donated Dettol containers and a camera. We felt proud that we were successful in helping them and bringing some cheers on their face. Our parents also felt happy as they saw how much we enjoyed in the orphanage. We would feel happy to help them again.

Green Fingers

Posted December 25, 2017


Vaishnavi Parde
Class IV C

I am a resident of PWD society. It is near beed by pass road just besides railway line. I am proud that I planted near about 100 plants in our colony area. I took my parents help. My father helped to decide the place. We dug ditches , put some fine soil and degradable bio waste in them. We brought soil from rail track area. I planted there Neem, Lemon, Mango and Vegetable plants. Now, I water them after school hours. The area is now all green. When people come, and praise the plantation, I feel very special.

Helping Hands

Posted October 20, 2017

Arth, Saloni, Radhika, Saumya, Aditya, Masoom, Gauri

Many people help for the progress of our society. Our group is one of them. We make jewelries out of beads and sell them in our locality. The money which we get is donated to UDAAN and SAKAAR.

UDAAN is a charitable trust that gives free treatment and insulin to the diabetic children.

SAKAAR is an orphanage in Aurangabad which supports Orphans and gives them new parents. We had wonderful experience while we were doing this. We chose to take the children of different ages so that many children will get motivated. We want to tell that children all over the country should start participating in such Social organizations, as we all are Indians.

Helping Underprivileged

Posted August 15, 2017


Shreya Gramle – VIII B
Shreeya Aphale – VII B

Once when my family was not at home, me and my sister gave keys to the maid and told her to work at the house and take away the keys with her. When we returned, we went to her house to take the keys.

There we saw her children working in a dim light. We felt sad for them and there a thought clicked in my mind and we decided to do something for them. We had learnt in our school that we should do something for this underprivileged people. Both of us had a discussion with our parents and finally we came to the conclusion that we will start a library for our society. We were fond of reading books and thought that why should the people of our colony Disha Srishti not read the books. So, we had all the plannings and ideas ready in our mind. Then we visited every members house and issued them a book. While collecting books we found some interesting cd’s also.

After issuing the books to the members we got Rs 5/- and after CD we got Rs. 10/-. After roaming for 1 month we collected Rs. 350/-. We were so confused to give money. But as charity begins at home, we started with the maids working in our house named Ria, Neela, Jyoti and others.

Some of the books that we had are Akbar and Birbal, Arabian Nights, Champak and many more to name and cd’s that we had are Shivaji Tales, Ganesha Tales and others.

We felt very glad and happy after helping these maids.

Happy to Help

Posted July 07, 2017


Friends, we are truly blessed compared to the special children. The special in them is not for happiness but for the special attention required to make them feel happy and important in the society. So we the students of TCH class VI took an opportunity to make them feel happy. We collected books and donated to such children.

This idea started when we studied, “tar mee tumhala shodhat yein” in marathi. It means “Then I will come in search of you” taking inspiration from this lesson and under the guidance of our teacher Mrs. Sumedha Kulkarni we collected Marathi and English books. Our collection included Snow White, Bal Jeet, Birbal and Baadshah and many more like these.
We realizes nothing equals the joy of sharing and spreading happiness. Everybody in our school and the area where we live has praised us. It Was indeed a life time experience for all.

If you want to tell us about your contribution to the community, if you want to collaborate to contribute, or if you simply want to give back to the school please write to us.



In loving memory of her grandmother, Mrs Gauri Lahurikar gives out an award for the best student in co-scholastic activities in X standard every year along with a cash prize.


There is a trophy and cash prize sponsored by Dr. Dhandegaonkar in honor of his mother for the school topper of X standard of TCH.


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