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Dear Friends,

TCH is a fruit of 25 years of intense research, hard work and fructification of ideas that had been devised to change the mundane concept of the prevalent education system.

Here we attempt to bring out to the reader the role of the school, the parent and the peers in making the personality of the child. More important than a child being academically brilliant is the ability of the child to cope up with all the situations of life. We aim at equipping each child with all the life skills to lead a happy and successful life. This is possible only when the child’s mental faculties are stimulated to the fullest. It is this aspect that TCH tries to bring out through concerted efforts, scientific techniques and a congenial environment. We at TCH have a deep conviction that every child is different and meaningful education can make potent all that is latent in a child. Learning is an ongoing process of life and we teach the tender minds the skill of learning – learning to learn.

Tender Carians are always ready to face the challenges of life with broad smiles, strong hands and sound minds. TCH is a perfect blend of our rich and cultural heritage and modern technological growth to follow pragmatic and holistic approach towards learning.

We at TCH are in the earnest quest to rear and nurture a new breed of young citizens who will contribute to the cause of humanity and mankind and will be in step with the ever so fast moving world.

Good Luck and Godspeed

Wg.Cdr. Ulhas Kekre (Retd.)


Welcome to the family of the Tender Carians. You are aware of the fact that to make education meaningful and enjoyable the welnet triangle of the parent teacher, and child is very important and you will be very happy to know that we have this triangle in our school.

Our mission is to create citizens who are intellectually and emotionally sound and physically strong in their outlook so that they can face the challenges that lie ahead and open new vistas of future goals.

Our vision is to evolve ‘Meaningful and Enjoyable education’ for making studies relevant to the contemporary world with the motto ‘Have Fun While You Learn’. With the holistic approach, the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge and practical experience for skilled and meaningful learning is reduced.

With the philosophy in mind the school has grown from Pre–primary to Secondary school and intend to grow till senior secondary level with all the modern facilities for the children.

School  targets to impart moral and spiritual values to keep the student attached to Indian values and culture

I am sure Tender Carians will change the world for better.

I am very proud to see that Tender Carians are showing excellent performance in every field of life.

Mrs. Shailaja Kekre

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