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TCHx - Talent Creating Hub 2018-19

Mrs. Sanjivani Puranik

Communication skill is the most adorables skill now a days. To develop this skill TCH organises various programmes.

TCHx - Talent Creating Hub



TCHx is anothe rfeather in the cap of TCH family. It was inspiredby TEDx talkshow. Students should learn to express their views, thoughts with their friends was the main idea. Ultimately it was an effort to develop positive attitude towards life. 

Parth gave a magic mantra of using the power of subconscious mind to achieve our goals. 
Nidhi beautifully explained how we should maintain a beautiful balance between heart and brain. We should not fall in the dilemma of'TO BE  or NOT TO BE'.

It wa Ananya who shared pathway to achieve dreams. The importance of dreams in our life and how to achieve it was shared by her.

Saumya gave tips to fight with negative thoughts and depresions. 
Rugved highlighted the importance of creativity and out of the box thinking.

Overall all these student speakers enlightened and motivated our students to lead a beautiful life. 
TCH school is a pioneer in organising this event. 
TCHx was a brainchild of Mrs. Sanjivani Puranik.

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