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Pre-Primary - Father and Chef 2018

Pooja Kulkarni

A father doesnt tell you that he loves you, but, he shows you . A fun filled event of Pre - Primary kids, ' CHEF WITH FATHER' was held in TCH.

Today Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg children were with their fathers in this cuisine.

Little Chefs - Big Minds were at work. These 30 father and chef participants are pioneers to set an example of happy and relaxed learning. Tender Care has always practiced what they preach.
With this activity children learnt many things such as being observant,, being confident, they learnt to help, share, present and the most important thing is that cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, Recipies, and cooking. Its actually about imagination, empowerment and creativity. 


Along with the participants we had with us Director Mrs. Shailaja Kekre as the judge for the event. Introduction was given by Mrs. Gauri Lahurikar and vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Jidnya Bora.


The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. 

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