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Paperless Election for Head Boy- Head Girl 2018-19

Mrs Pompa Nan

Election for the post of Head Boy and Head Girl was held in Tender Care Home on 14th June, 2018 for the session 2018-19.

It was a heart pounding moment for the contesting candidates as well as voters as all were aware of the duties and responsibilities they needed to shoulder ahead of the process. All Tender Carians  got a feel of the democratic system and learnt to choose the deserving candidates for the elite posts.

It was a replicated form of the actual election procedure right from filling of forms, selecting symbols and scrutinizing the forms by the election commission. Code of conduct was strictly followed during the whole process. Voting was done with the help of technical support to make it paperless. Children learnt leadership skill under the able guidance of Director Mrs. Shailaja Kekre, Principal Mrs. Sheetal Kekre, Vice Principal Mrs. Anita Patil, Head Mistress Mrs. Vaishali Patil. The in charge teacher for this event was Mrs. Madhura Deshpande.

Election Albums:

1. Album 1 - Election Nominees 2018-19

2. Album 2 - Election Final Contestants 2018-19

3. Album 3 - Election-Interview of the Candidates

4. Album 4 - Election Campaigning 2018-19

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