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Grandparent's Day 2017-18

Varsha Deshpande

"India will rise once again if we impart the education of humanity" emphasised the grandparents in the 8th grandparents meet while addressing the tender carians on 24th March 2018.

Mentor/Director Mrs. Shailaja Kekre in her address said we need to reintroduce whatever lifestyle grandparents had in their childhood. It will make the future citizens strong in all the aspects and also advised that instead of saying I need to after the grandchildren, its better to think I enjoy being with them. 

Unknowingly it will pass the legacy of moral values and will make India dutiful and beautiful. " Having profound knowledge experienced grandparents alone can guide the rising India", with this inspiring thought the meeting concluded.

Mrs. Jyoti Jahagirdar and her team put their heart and soul together to make the event successful.  Hon. President U. D Kekre, Principal Mrs. Sheetal Kekre and the Vice Principal Mrs. Anita Patil guided the team to make it memorable.

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