PRe-Primary - BRAINOVITA 2018-19

September 25, 2018

TCH conducted brainovita- a quiz competition for the pre primary students today. The main motive was to develop skills like confidence, inquisitiveness, observation, general awareness, listening and speaking skills along with all the multiple intelligences. The activity went on to be a successful one, and the profit earned was satisfaction and happiness of the toddlers. To summarize, the quiz was a compilation of 5 rounds, which included the av, musical and riddle rounds also. The fun filled competition could visibly show the glimpses of 'kbc'. Not only the contestants, but also the audience was involved in the activity, which made it more lively and enthusiastic. They say, you never fail in team work. The quiz master, Mrs. Gauri Lahurikar made the quiz attractive. The efforts of teachers, the involvement of parents and extra ordinary talent of kids was appreciated by director Mrs. Shailaja Kekre. Before the end, parents shared their heartfelt experiences and appreciated the efforts of everyone involved.
Credits and titles :
Guidelines : Mrs. Shailaja Kekre (director)
Motivation : Mrs. Sheetal Kekre (principal)
Support : Mrs. Anita ma'am and Mrs. Vaishali ma'am
Question Bank: Jidnya Bora, Anita. U. 
Ppt presentation : mrunmayee, kanak, Dhanashree ma'am 
Music: Ajay sir
Score board: Divyata Shejul 
Photography and videography: rutuparna and parth
Technical support : Mr. Ravindra Jagtap
Arrangements : Mr. Naidu and team

TCHMUN 2018-19

January 01, 2020

There is a paradigm shift in the education system today. In this era of globalization, being globally aware is more important than ever. MUN is an exercise in research, public speaking, team work and develops leadership and diplomatic skills.
Activities like MUN keep today’s generation more active and make them more concerned global citizens and establish within them the essence of ‘ ONE WORLD’ .

Under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Sheetal Kekre, Director Mrs. Shailaja Kekre TCHMUN was held which was a brainchild of Mrs. Sanjivani Puranik.

Detailed Report can be found on TCHMUN FB PAGE and https://tchmun.wordpress.com/

टेंडर केयर होम में 'हिन्दी सप्ताह' आयोजन २०१८

September 11, 2018

टेंडर केयर होम में 'हिन्दी सप्ताह' आयोजन 

प्रत्येक वर्ष ' हिन्दी सप्ताह ' उत्साहपूर्वक एवम् रोचक ढंग से मनाने की परम्परा को जारी रखते हुए इस वर्ष भी हिन्दी सप्ताह ज्ञानवर्धक एवम् रँगारंग कार्यक्रम के साथ 8 सितंबर से 12 सितंबर तक मनाया गया। इसके अन्तर्गत भिन्न-भिन्न प्रतियोगिताए आयोजित की गई । सप्ताह का प्रारंभ 8 सितंबर को काव्य वाचन प्रतियोगिता एवम् भाषण प्रतियोगिता से किया गया।कहानी सुनाने की उर्दू शैली ' दासताँगोई ' कार्यक्रम में छात्रों ने संत कबीर, निजामुद्दीन औलिया, ए पी जे अब्दुल कलाम की दास्ताँ के साथ साथ 'एलिस इन वंडर लैंड ' कहानी को भी नए अंदाज में पेश करके दर्शकों का मन मोह लिया । समाज में जागरूकता फैलाने के लिए पथनाट्य एक सशक्त माध्यम है ।इस प्रयोजन हेतु एक पथनाट्य प्रतियोगिता भी आयोजित की गई जिसमें मोबाईल, जंक फ़ूड के दुष्प्रभावों को बताने के साथ साथ स्वच्छता एवम् सडक सुरक्षा का संदेश भी दिया गया। सम्पूर्ण कार्यक्रम का आयोजन पाठशाला की संचालिका श्रीमती शैलेजा केकरे, प्रधानाचार्या श्रीमती शीतल केकरे, उप प्रधानाचार्या श्रीमती अनिता पाटिल,हैड मिस्टरेस श्रीमती वैशाली पाटिल के मार्गदर्शन में हिन्दी विभाग प्रमुख श्रीमती राजवीर कौर एवम् सभी सदस्यों के सम्मिलित प्रयास से हुआ।

Pre-Primary - Father and Chef 2018

August 28, 2018

A father doesnt tell you that he loves you, but, he shows you . A fun filled event of PRE-PRimary kids, ' CHEF WITH FATHER' was held in TCH.


Today Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg children were with their fathers in this cuisine.

Little Chefs - Big Minds were at work. These 30 father and chef participants are pioneers to set an example of happy and relaxed learning. Tender Care has always practiced what they preach.
With this activity children learnt many things such as being observant,, being confident, they learnt to help, share, present and the most important thing is that cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, Recipies, and cooking. Its actually about imagination, empowerment and creativity. 


Along with the participants we had with us Director MRS. SHailaja Kekre as the judge for the event. Introduction was given by Mrs. Gauri Lahurikar and vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Jidnya Bora.


The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. 

TCHx - Talent Creating Hub 2018-19

August 22, 2018

TCHx - Talent Creating Hub



Communication skill is the most adorables skill now a days. To develop this skill TCH organises various programmes. TCHx is anothe rfeather in the cap of TCH family. It was inspiredby TEDx talkshow. Students should learn to express their views, thoughts with their friends was the main idea. Ultimately it was an effort to develop positive attitude towards life. 

Parth gave a magic mantra of using the power of subconscious mind to achieve our goals. 
Nidhi beautifully explained how we should maintain a beautiful balance between heart and brain. We should not fall in the dilemma of'TO BE  or NOT TO BE'.

It wa Ananya who shared pathway to achieve dreams. The importance of dreams in our life and how to achieve it was shared by her.

Saumya gave tips to fight with negative thoughts and depresions. 
Rugved highlighted the importance of creativity and out of the box thinking.

Overall all these student speakers enlightened and motivated our students to lead a beautiful life. 
TCH school is a pioneer in organising this event. 
TCHx was a brainchild of Mrs. Sanjivani Puranik.

NEWS BY - Mrs. Sanjivani Puranik.

Investiture Ceremomy - Deputy Collector Mrs. Anjali Dhanorkar confers upon the badges and vests responsibilities

June 25, 2018

Investiture Ceremony held in TCH

The Investiture ceremony of the session 2018-2019 was held in Tender Care Home on 26.06.2018. The chief guest for the prestigious event was Mrs. Anjali Dhanorkar the Deputy Collector of Aurangabad who handed over the batches and sash to the Head Boy Siddhant Biyani, Head Girl Vaishnavi Mandhani and assistant Head Girl Mrunmayee Kulkarni.

The batches for the student council members were presented by Director TCH Mrs. Shailaja Kekre madam. The captians and vice captians of the five houses were presented with the batches and sash by Vice Principal Mrs. Anita Patil, and Headmistress Mrs. Vaishali Patil, Chairman of TCH Wng Cdr U.D. Kekre Sir administrated the oath.

In her mesmerising speech Mrs. Anjali narrated many ancedotes that made the children learn the different life skills to become successful in the days ahead. The vote of thanks was given by the in charge teacher Mrs. Madhura Deshpande

News By - Mrs. Pompa Nan 

Paperless Election for Head Boy- Head Girl 2018-19

June 13, 2018

Election for the post of Head Boy and Head Girl was held in Tender Care Home on 14th June, 2018 for the session 2018-19.

It was a heart pounding moment for the contesting candidates as well as voters as all were aware of the duties and responsibilities they needed to shoulder ahead of the process. All Tender Carians  got a feel of the democratic system and learnt to choose the deserving candidates for the elite posts.

It was a replicated form of the actual election procedure right from filling of forms, selecting symbols and scrutinizing the forms by the election commission. Code of conduct was strictly followed during the whole process. Voting was done with the help of technical support to make it paperless. Children learnt leadership skill under the able guidance of Director Mrs. Shailaja Kekre, Principal Mrs. Sheetal Kekre, Vice Principal Mrs. Anita Patil, Head Mistress Mrs. Vaishali Patil. The in charge teacher for this event was Mrs. Madhura Deshpande.

News By - Mrs Pompa Nan

Election Albums:

1. Album 1 - Election Nominees 2018-19

2. Album 2 - Election Final Contestants 2018-19

3. Album 3 - Election-Interview of the Candidates

4. Album 4 - Election Campaigning 2018-19

2nd Alumni Meet 2018

June 08, 2018

TCH was filled with light which wasn't emitted by the bulbs but by the shining stars of TCH. The reunion of the ex-tch students "Alumni was carried out by the present class X. It was raining emotions when Mrs, Shailaja Kekre ma'am began her speech.

The flutters of memories started swinging when the video DOWN THE MEMORY LANE was played.  The environment was shrilled with the lively performance of TCH BAND and dances. 

Games were conducted which surely created excitement. 
Now, was the time for Disk Jockey to make the floor roll. 

The Shevbhaji and the jalebi dinner surely reminded them of their school days .

We whole heartedly thank our beloved Director Ma'am Mrs. Shailaja Kekre and Principal Mrs. Sheetal Kekre  for drenching us all with their love and concern always. The in-charge for the event was Mrs. Swati Thorhatte. 

News By: Siddhanth Biyani 

World Environment Day 2018

June 04, 2018

TCH Celebrates World Environment Day 2018

Tender Care Home celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5, 2018.

In collaboration with IshaFoundation to keep up the spirit of this year’s theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Isha Foundation has joinedhands with United Nations environment for world environment day celebrations in over 250 locationsworldwide. India being the global host of WED 2018 celebrations, Tender Carians participated in this greatcause of making our country “Plastic Pollution free” by collecting the plastic refuse from the iconiclocation, one of Aurangabad’s famous heritage site “BIBI KA MAKBARA” and its surroundings. The founderof Isha foundation Sadhguru’s messages was played a day before in Tender Care School to fuel the fireinside the students to join the global activity which was worldwide efforts to curb plastic pollution.
The event started as the students reached the location at 07:00am. The teachers and Isha foundation
volunteers wore the biodegradable “Suffocating Mask to have a feel of how single – use plastic is
suffocating life on the planet”. Within a span of 45minutes children collected the plastic wrappers, bags
and bottles, displayed them on the scare crow made of sticks and posed near it with suffocation masks to
send a worldwide message that it is not impossible to accomplish a mission. A pledge was taken not to use
disposable plastic and create awareness in others on how it is destroying our planet. Based on the same
issue a street play was staged on the prime locations to mark the occasion. Tender care director Mrs.
Shailaja Kekre felicitated volunteers of Isha foundation for incorporating Tender Carians in this mission.

News By - Mrs.Pompa Nan

CLASS X Results 2017-18

June 02, 2018

In the midst of tumultuous euphoria of a change in the assessment pattern for the board exams for the tenth standard for the last academic year; the students and schools witnessed a bumpy ride through the session in their endeavour to get ahead of the newly instituted pattern of exams. 

However; today ( 29 May 18); the students of TENDER CARE HOME ; allayed all apprehensions and put all speculations to rest with yet another sterling performance. 

The school continued its unbroken streak of a 💯percent result overall. Out of a Batch of 69 students, the performance at school included 48 students securing A Grade and 16 students amongst these securing A 1 Grade. 

The topper ; Shruti Rao; secured 97.6 %; with a 100 / 100 in Social Studies, while Aditi Bodkhe secures 100/100 in Mathematics. 

The credit for the performance goes entirely to the students; unflinching support of the parents and teachers who have guided the children from day one and assisted them in riding over the transition to the new system of examination and assessment.

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