' To make them wonderful human being and worthy citizens of our country.'


The sole aim of the school is ‘Teach to each’ and not ‘Teach to all’. This enables a teacher to be a ‘guide by the side’, rather than, ‘a sage on the stage’.  We believe in teaching the students ‘learn to learn’ by involving them in ‘Student Centric’ activities.


  • Hands-on activities - Here child can use his/her theoretical knowledge into day-to-day practical activities.

  • Collaborative learning - Here students team-up to learn and develop team spirit and leadership quality.

  • Various Co-curricular activities and competitions for all-round development.

  • Sports and Games for sound body and sound mind.

  • Role-plays - They provide to a group a ‘Problem-solving situation’ in which students explore the problem, alternatives available to them and the personal as well as social consequences of the proposals.

  • Interviews - It provides direct learning.

  • Out-station Trips - It helps them to get first hand information and closer look at different states of India which they visit annually.

  • Field Trips - These are organized to give them the fun while they learn and also to make them aware of society and surrounding.

  • Virtual Trips - Here students cannot be taken to actual field so technology comes to the rescue.

  • Picnic - Entertainment, socialization and emotional skills develop through this activity.

  • Art/Craft related activities to develop their aesthetic sense.

  • Last but not least is the school pays equal importance for developing Emotional Quotient along with Intelligent Quotient.

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