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School Registration Details

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TCH aims for a focus on preparing our students for life instead of for tests and examinations and so seeks to help the children establish their own inner balance –TCH – established in 1996 , and since time, runs on the principle of holistic education where our students are helped to find identity and purpose in life by joyously connecting to the community, nature, and humanitarian values that enables them to learn the challenges of living as a whole i.e learn about themselves, about healthy relationships, about social responsibility, compassion, etc.

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” – Albert Einstein

To produce holistic personalities , a transformed education from quantity to quality is required. And to get the quality each student is encouraged to explore his or her innate freedom as much as possible, while discovering and respecting the boundaries which allow that freedom to be expressed constructively.

TCH is glad to present itself as pioneer in many tasks that are currently prescribed in the field of education. We practice what we preach and since the inception we have grading system in our school, learning is exclusively student centered, Skill based and power packed with fun and hence the school has the punch line “Have Fun While You Learn” with the philosophy of “Meaningful and enjoyable Education.”

In TCH each child’s individual aptitudes are allowed to flourish due to our low teacher-student ratio since the inception of our school.

In line with the emphasis on student-centred learning, TCH teachers are now experimenting with new teaching approaches. For instance, the teachers use Socratic Questioning to probe for more critical thoughts, the student is forced to think more critically and analytically and then express through extempore, group discussions etc..

Today the education system is moving out of pure academic development of a child and aiming at holistic personality development. While all other schools say “me too”, TCH has a head–start of 16 long year. TCH came into existence as a pre primary school in 1996 with the aim of creating an institution, which will produce visionaries. Only academics will not be suffice to achieve this goal. Realising this the institution developed the philosophy of ‘meaningful and enjoyable education ’ and ‘have fun while you learn’.

The school is presently up to a Secondary level and will soon expand to Senior Secondary. It is affiliated to CBSE. The school is located at Beed road about 12Km from the city.
The school has 60 classrooms and dedicated labs for physics, chemistry, mathematics, SST, language, computers and a state of art AV room and a Library with more than 7000 books.

TCH is a day boarding schools and has separate mess hall and kitchen, which accommodates about 500 students at a time and provides breakfast, lunch and evening snacks to the students and staff. The school has a teaching staff of about 65 trained teachers and trained coaches for different games. The school has a basketball court, tennis court, table tennis tables and badminton court according to the Olympic standards and a sprawling ground used for other outdoor games.

Apart from student development TCH also conducts workshops and orientation programs for the teachers as well as the parents. This ensures that the TCH team of students teachers and parents is up to date with the current trends as well as involved in creating future citizens of India.

In a nutshell, we strive to develop emotionally intelligent, intellectually proficient, professionally competent and morally upright global citizens for the future.