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School Registration Details

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The Thirsty Girl

Some time in life some incidences become unknowingly important. Here it is a short poem which highlights the urge of studying in a small poor girl. I saw her sitting all by herself Cautiously staring at my bookshelf; Her eyes … Continue reading

A Day In Orphanage

We were extremely happy to visit an orphanage in chetana nagar, on the occasion of our sisters first birthday. It was Abhilasha’s idea to celebrate the birthday in the sakar orphanage. Along with our family members we reached there around … Continue reading

Green Fingers

I am a resident of PWD society. It is near beed by pass road just besides railway line. I am proud that I planted near about 100 plants in our colony area. I took my parents help. My father helped … Continue reading

Helping Hands

Many people help for the progress of our society. Our group is one of them. We make jewelries out of beads and sell them in our locality. The money which we get is donated to UDAAN and SAKAAR. UDAAN is … Continue reading

Helping Underprivileged

Once when my family was not at home, me and my sister gave keys to the maid and told her to work at the house and take away the keys with her. When we returned, we went to her house … Continue reading

Happy to Help

Friends, we are truly blessed compared to the special children. The special in them is not for happiness but for the special attention required to make them feel happy and important in the society. So we the students of TCH … Continue reading